Divine Artworks by Nynne Rosenvinge

We couldn’t resist getting in several artworks by the very talented Danish artist Nynne Rosenvinge. Her pieces have a beautiful, simple yet ethereal quality, and are extremely well priced.

She incorporates simple elements such kites, lanterns and water droplets into her work, and the moon and mountains are often represented. She mixes strong blacks with neutrals and pastel colours in her work, creating a fine balance and synergy.

Nynne Rosenvinge  nynne-art-on-wall.jpg

Below: Images of Nynne’s beautiful home in Copenhagen

Nynne Rosenvinge's home

 The neutral wall and floor work beautifully with the pops of colour in the rug and Nynne’s own painting. 

Below: Black Planet and Chinese Lamps prints available for $39 including delivery.

Buy Nynne’s wall art online at: www.yellowfrontdoor.com.au/wallartonline/

Black Planet print

Chinese lamps print

Songbirds, a New Collection at Yellow Front Door


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We’ve been inspired by the English countryside with these new products! Songbirds is a beautiful, detailed collection by award winning designer Lorna Syson. Now based in London, UK, she launched her first collection in 2009 with the help of the Princes Trust.

Lorna draws inspiration from the great British outdoors, nature, trees and birds. She also looks to her childhood memories growing up in the British countryside, remembering the birds that used to nest outside her window, picking wild berries with her father, and playing in the surrounding woods.

Her beautiful series “Songbirds” features the Willow Tit, Great Tit, Robin and Bullfinch birds, and her designs are applied to fabric, cushions, paper, wallpaper and lampshades.

She likes to use natural, sustainable materials such as nettle, wool and recycled card.

Yellow Front Door stocks her cushion covers and limited edition prints, but the wallaper and lampshades can be ordered as a special order by contacting kate@yellowfrontdoor.com.au.

Buy the beautiful Songbirds cushions online at: www.yellowfrontdoor.com.au/cushionsonline/

and buy Songbirds limited edition prints at: www.yellowfrontdoor.com.au/wallartonline/

Lorna Syson songbirds


The Best from DesignEx Sydney 2014


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There’s nothing like visiting a design expo to get inspired! DesignEx did just that for me a couple of weeks ago, at Sydney Exhibition Centre Darling Glebe Island.

Here’s a round-up of my favourite stalls and products.


Providing striking, high-end designer lighting. With their finger on the pulse they set rather than follow trends.



Dulux have put together some inspiring collections, making colour choice less over-whelming!

They’ve also made some colour forecasts for 2014, and my favourite is the Digital Nomads collection. Colours and inspiration come from exotic destinations such as Africa, India and Morocco. It’s a global aesthetic with a fusion of tribal patterns and colours.

The colours work well with the Yellow Front Door range by Tamasyn Gambell – Aztec Red, Aztec Blue, Textured Stripe and Abstract cushion covers available at www.yellowfrontdoor.com.au


A eco-friendly and ethical textiles and wallpaper company, based in NZ. The quirky, colourful and playful designs are printed onto hemp, Belgian linen and organic cotton. They use fabrics that are natural, recyclable and biodegradable, and digital printing processes that reduce waste. Patterns and  colours are designed to be customised. You may see a range of Heart Ethical pieces at Yellow Front Door in the near future….



I’ve had my eye on their dining tables and chairs for a while, all hand-crafted in beautiful oak. The idea is that you customise the furniture to suit your style and space – choosing size, style, shape, material, colour.



This company saw the gap in the market for unique, quality, designer wallpapers, so set about importing them from overseas. They now specialise in digital and traditional wallpapers and murals, with a Scandinavian edge and many designs drawing on nature. You can also create your own unique wallpaper or mural.



Houzz comes to Australia


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Last week I attended a pretty exciting event – Open Houzz at furniture store Camerich in Sydney. For anyone unfamiliar with Houzz (www.houzz.com), it’s the absolute go-to for anything to do with interiors, architecture, design, landscaping, gardens, home renovations.

Houzz features great editorial, gorgeous photos, and lots of products. It’s very inspirational.

Up until now it’s been fairly US-oriented, but now that Houzz has launched in Australia, it will direct more Australian content, images and products to Australian viewers.

Check out Yellow Front Door’s profile and first product on Houzz


New designs by Swedish Calligrapher Ylva Skarp


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Yellow Front Door is excited to announce it’s new range of products by Swedish calligraphy artist and designer Ylva Skarp. With brush in hand, Ylva creates beautiful calligraphy and brings letters to life. She also uses her creative energy to turn calligraphy into patterns, shapes and forms.

In her work, she mixes traditional Swedish craftmanship with contemporary ideas to create unique pieces for the home. Ylva’s range includes prints, cushions, cards, calendars and ceramics. Currently Yellow Front Door stocks two of her artworks -“It’s Cool to be Kind” print and “X” limited edition print, see below.


Yellow Front Door also stocks two cushion covers – “So Far” and “So Hard” – in stunning black calligraphy printed onto white cotton. They are extra large at 57cm x 57cm (suitable for a 60cm x 60cm insert) and look great on the sofa or bed. These two cushions coordinate well together, but also look great mixed and matched with cushions, particularly in black, white and muted greys.


Ylva was educated at Roehampton Institute in London, and worked for 15 years as a professional calligraphy artist and designer. She then decided to set up her own company, designing her own unique range of homewares. Her inspiration came from watching a Nobel Prize ceremony on TV – featuring diplomas in beautiful calligraphy. Ylva had her “calling” and immediately knew it was the profession for her.

Ylva lives in a former schoolhouse in the small town of Leksand with her husband and two sons. Having lived in a large city, she wanted her sons to grow up in wide open spaces, and to experience the peace and quiet of the countryside. Ylva and her husband renovated the former schoolhouse, tearing down ceilings, walls and floor coverings to reveal the original integrity of the building.

Ylva’s work in evident in the home, with her stunning calligraphy and designs gracing the walls, floors and sofas. They give character and soul to the predominantly black, white, beige and grey home – see below.

Above: white walls are off-set by a textured timber ceiling, pale wood floors, and soft greys and browns in the furnishings. The colour palette works well when limited to three colours.

Above: Bold yellow is juxtaposed against neutral colours, love the original Swedish fireplace.

Above: The dark wall works well against the pale floor. Note the bare windows to let in maximum light.

Ylva’s stunning home was featured in the March edition of Real Living magazine in Australia:


Ylva says-

“some elements may be a bit unexpected, but I can’t stand perfection – things need to be a little irregular”

“I like the thought of creating a striking image that also conveys a message”

Add beauty, personality and soul to your home – shop for Ylva Skarp’s cushions online and wall art online at Yellow Front Door. You’ll find unique and creative pieces you won’t find elsewhere.

James Gulliver Hancock Exhibition at Koskela


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One of Yellow Front Door’s favourite artists James Gulliver Hancock has a new exhibition “Object Pavlova” at the iconic Sydney store Koskela, on until 29th April. James demonstrates his flair for quirky illustrations of everyday objects and wonderful use of colour. Along with the screen prints he’s also done fabric and cushions. A great excuse to peruse the gorgeous furniture and have lunch at the cafe.

Kate Koskela Kate Koskela 2

Kate Koskela 3 Kate Koskela 4

Check out James Gulliver Hancock’s  prints available online at Yellow Front Door http://www.yellowfrontdoor.com.au/artonline/


Weekend Away at Pittwater to Re-Charge!


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I spent last weekend with a great girlfriend up at Pittwater in Sydney, re-charging the batteries away from husbands and children!

We stayed in a wonderful boathouse, right on the water, aptly named The Boathouse on the Waterfront, at Careel Bay, you can book through Stayz. It features a double bedroom, single bedroom, bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, simple but comfortable decor, a gas fireplace, and best of all, a deck and it’s own jetty jutting into the water.


photo 4


photo 5

We hired kayaks the first day from Careel Bay Wharf which was great fun, and explored the local area checking out all the divine boats and houses.

That afternoon we had lunch at Clareville Kiosk, a lovely little restaurant with one hat from the Sydney Good Food Guide. The food was great, service very friendly, and we sat next to the open window looking onto a delightful frangipani tree. Great beach for a dip in the water after lunch too. Check out the pork belly and panna cotta below.

photo 3




photo 2

That night we stayed in our little boathouse, relaxing in the chaises on the deck, reading, eating cheese and drinking wine.

The next day we couldn’t resist lunch at The Boathouse Palm Beach – if you haven’t been there you must go. It’s got the most amazing location, on a old pier right over the water on the Pittwater side of Palm Beach. The decor is to-die-for with lots of lobster pots, rustic furniture and fruit and flowers spilling everywhere. The food’s pretty good too – I had an awesome burger.

photo 5

photo 3

photo 4

Then of course we had to stop in the shop Bow Wow in Palm Beach, and I bought some lovely clothes, while my friend bought an amazing painting from local 24 year old artist Daniel Stephen, similar to the one below.

photo 2

A visit to the area is not complete without a stop in at the wonderful Mark Tuckey store – I can dream!

Mark-Tuckey_Feb-2012_sisalla_06  MT-SydneyStore-JasonBusch

If you’re in need of a re-charge away from busy “life” I highly recommend a weekend in Pittwater!


Black and White Wall Art


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A feature wall with only black and white art can look really striking – especially when combined with a simple, minimal Danish style interior of wood, greys and muted colours.

Yellow Front Door has a number of prints that are black and white and would look stunning arranged together on the wall, like below.

Dam on wall

When arranging wall art, a good idea is to lay them out on the floor first so you can move them around and have a play with the layout to see what looks good.

Dam black and white on wall

Above: Artworks by Kristina Dam. Yellow Front Door sells her work: http://www.yellowfrontdoor.com.au

Spacing between the artworks should be similarly distanced apart, and you can set up the art in a number of ways – a cross shape, circular, v-shape. The number of artworks can vary – two, three, four, or more.

black and white on wall 4 Black and white on wall 2

black and white on wall by bed black and white on wall6

Another way to display black and white artworks is propped up on a table, sideboard or shelf, along with other display items, to create a vignette.

Simple house on sideboard black and white on wall 3black and white on sideboard2 black and white on sideboard3

Art doesn’t have to be a painting, print or photo. This Black Wall Structure by Kristina Dam is very sculptural and original, and made from cardboard, so lighweight and easy to hang www.yellowfrontdoor.com.au/products/black-wall-structure-by-kristina-dam.html

Black Wall Structure

Or check out this one from MOMA www.moma.org/collection/object.php?object_id=81428

moma sculpture

Buy black and white art online at www.yellowfrontdoor.com.au/artonline/ and get hanging!

Celebrate Winter with Wool Cushions and Wool Throws


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With all the rain we’ve had over the past few weeks, I decided to get in a new batch of beautiful, soft, snuggly wool cushions and wool throws. Come autumn, it’s great to celebrate the change of season by popping your light, bright cotton or linen summer cushions and throws in the cupboard, and putting out some warm wintry ones.

All our winter cushions and throws are in either merino wool or lambswool and put to the “scratchy” test by myself! They are all really warm, super-soft, and 100% natural.

Knitting has made a bit of a comeback recently, and when I last visited London I noticed quite a few knitting and sewing shops, classes and cafes. All our wool throws and cushions come from the UK, with designers/knitters Gabrielle Vary and Sally Nencini putting much thought, time and love into their creations.

When choosing the right cushion or throw for your place, if you have colour in your existing cushions, chair or sofa, you might want to choose a muted grey, such as the Sunset throw, and Birdie and Big Tree cushions. Alternatively, if you want to brighten up a neutral sofa, bed or chair, try the bright multicoloured Rainbow Spot and Rainbow Check throws, and Citric Acid and Summer Time cushions. Or Cross Stitch Flowers and Tapestry cushions in lovely cream, yellow and green are a sunny choice on a rainy day.

Many of the designs come from our heritage and culture, and are a fresh take on traditional motifs and patterns. Others are inspired by nature, animals and trees.

Going shopping can be fun but it’s oftern quicker, easier, not to mention cheaper, to buy your wool cushions online and wool throws online. Remember Yellow Front Door offers free delivery Australia-wide and a 30-day refund policy.

View the range of wool throws  yellowfrontdoor.com.au/woolthrowsonline

and wool cushions yellowfrontdoor.com.au/woolcushionsonline

New Cushion Arrivals at Yellow Front Door 2014


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We have kept our ears to the ground of late to unearth the latest designs in surface pattern (namely cushions).

There is some wonderful talent out there, and at Yellow Front Door we pride ourselves on finding unique and beautiful cushions that are designed thoughtfully and made in small batches with care and integrity.

We’ve added to the wonderful collection by Sian Elin with Chevrons and Horseshoe Arch cushion covers. Sian is a small Wales-based designer, whose influences include Moorish and Islamic architecture. She incorporates their bold colours and geometric patterns into her hand-drawn designs.

She is also a fan of both mid-century modern and Scandinavian design, and this is evident in her work. The great thing about this collection is that the cushions mix and match so well, as they use similar colours and forms.

Another new collection that you can coordinate with ease is by UK designer Tamasyn Gambell. Her designs also incorporate geometry, with stripes, triangles, and squares but have a slightly Aztec aesthetic. Her company is dedicated to producing thoughtful and high-quality designs, so only uses methods that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible. They also use beautiful quality linen, organic dyestuffs and water based inks.

We’ve also added to the range by UK designer Sally Nencini with Cross Stitch Flowers, inspired by the English countryside and knitted in 100% lambswool. It has yellow flowers and green stalks, and works perfectly with her Tapestry lambswool cushion cover (also in yellow). We sold out of her Big Tree and Birdie cushions last year, so have ordered more for you to snuggle up to as the weather turns cold.

In the outdoor cushion section, we’ve added a fabulous, colourful design by Trina Turk called Super Paradise in Punch. It has a more exotic/global feel than some of her other designs which are more Palm Springs poolside. I love it so much I put one on my bedroom balcony chair and it really brightens up the space.

Paradise in Punch is on the right below, along with Grenadine Stripe and Arches in Bamboo.

Yellow Front Door now has an extensive range of over 40 cushions, and it’ll continue to grow, so if you’re looking for cushions online and outdoor cushions online, look no further.




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