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Yellow Front Door is excited to announce it’s new range of products by Swedish calligraphy artist and designer Ylva Skarp. With brush in hand, Ylva creates beautiful calligraphy and brings letters to life. She also uses her creative energy to turn calligraphy into patterns, shapes and forms.

In her work, she mixes traditional Swedish craftmanship with contemporary ideas to create unique pieces for the home. Ylva’s range includes prints, cushions, cards, calendars and ceramics. Currently Yellow Front Door stocks two of her artworks -“It’s Cool to be Kind” print and “X” limited edition print, see below.


Yellow Front Door also stocks two cushion covers – “So Far” and “So Hard” – in stunning black calligraphy printed onto white cotton. They are extra large at 57cm x 57cm (suitable for a 60cm x 60cm insert) and look great on the sofa or bed. These two cushions coordinate well together, but also look great mixed and matched with cushions, particularly in black, white and muted greys.


Ylva was educated at Roehampton Institute in London, and worked for 15 years as a professional calligraphy artist and designer. She then decided to set up her own company, designing her own unique range of homewares. Her inspiration came from watching a Nobel Prize ceremony on TV – featuring diplomas in beautiful calligraphy. Ylva had her “calling” and immediately knew it was the profession for her.

Ylva lives in a former schoolhouse in the small town of Leksand with her husband and two sons. Having lived in a large city, she wanted her sons to grow up in wide open spaces, and to experience the peace and quiet of the countryside. Ylva and her husband renovated the former schoolhouse, tearing down ceilings, walls and floor coverings to reveal the original integrity of the building.

Ylva’s work in evident in the home, with her stunning calligraphy and designs gracing the walls, floors and sofas. They give character and soul to the predominantly black, white, beige and grey home – see below.

Above: white walls are off-set by a textured timber ceiling, pale wood floors, and soft greys and browns in the furnishings. The colour palette works well when limited to three colours.

Above: Bold yellow is juxtaposed against neutral colours, love the original Swedish fireplace.

Above: The dark wall works well against the pale floor. Note the bare windows to let in maximum light.

Ylva’s stunning home was featured in the March edition of Real Living magazine in Australia:


Ylva says-

“some elements may be a bit unexpected, but I can’t stand perfection – things need to be a little irregular”

“I like the thought of creating a striking image that also conveys a message”

Add beauty, personality and soul to your home – shop for Ylva Skarp’s cushions online and wall art online at Yellow Front Door. You’ll find unique and creative pieces you won’t find elsewhere.